Leading offshore wind turbines well into the 20MW+ classes

Industry Alignment

Patented Design

The MegaTorque 20 drivetrain is an unique drivetrain based on proprietary IP. The drivetrain concept is supported by a patent portfolio, fully owned by VerVent.

 Value chain Partners

The unique drivetrain has been developed in close collaboration with industry leaders in the wind industry. State of art proven technologies are incorporated in the design. 

VerVent is the rightful and sole owner of the Megatorque Drive Train (component) design(s) and patents filed. Without explicit and written permission, no other party is entitled to use the designs, the patents and/or patent applications.

VerVent consulted development partners and discussed design details with them. VerVent is very statisfied with the collaboration and value these partners are able to bring in the subsequent engineering and production stages. However no obligations between VerVent and the partners are in effect. VerVent and its (future) successors have full  freedom to cooperate with other parties. 


New Industry Partners

MegaTorque 20 holds the potential to join current dominating offshore wind technologies and shift market positions of the top ten incumbent organizations. A long term competitive advantage based on robust and scalable technologies is the key enabler. To achieve this ambition, collaborations and partnerships are crucial. Companies who are actively persuading these high ambitions are most welcome to contact us. We are open for new partnerships, IP licensing or IP acquisition.