Leading offshore wind turbines well into the 20MW+ classes

The MegaTorque 20 innovative concept

MegaTorque 20 is a patented concept design of an innovative drivetrain concept for large power classes offshore wind turbines. MegaTorque 20 is developed by VerVent and aims at the next generation offshore wind turbines scaling up to 20MW and beyond. 

Unique Differentiators of the MegaTorque 20 Drivetrain

The MegaTorque 20 drivetrain concept holds unique commercial elements, including:

·      High torque density

·      Only 2-4% rare earth material demands comparted to direct drive

·      Low number of moving parts

·      Incremental upscaling possibilities while using the same drivetrain platform

·      Upscaling up to 20MW+  without adding additional components